Top 5 Sportscenter Anchors of All-Time


I guess it’s a testament to the fact I am starting to get old that I’ve seen a couple waves of different Sportscenter anchors in my day. I never truly took a second to think who I enjoyed watching the most. You also don’t realize there were so many of them. I’m not going to lie and say that I like the turn the show has taken ever since they went live. Sometimes the stuff is funny, but as a whole it’s pretty lame. Just give me the sports bro. We’re really splitting hairs though. No doubt Sportscenter was one of the greatest things ever created. Hit the jump and you’ll get Unathletic’s Top 5 Anchors of All-Time…..

5.) Linda Cohn


Do you realize Linda Cohn has been a Sportscenter anchor since 1992. Chris Berman has only been there longer. I thought about Robin Roberts, but I went with Cohn here at number 5. She’s good.

4.) Scott Van Pelt


What can I say man, I like SVP. I even listen to his radio spot every now and then. The guy is smart, and he delivers the goods the way I want them. As awful as that sounds, that’s why he’s on the list of best Sportscenter Anchors of All-Time.

3.) Chris Berman


Berman is the legend. There is no disputing his presence on the list. The guy has come up with more nicknames and calls than any other anchor. He’s the man, no doubts there.

2.) Keith Olbermann


Funny, but also very smart. Good delivery. Part of the best team ever, which is why……………

1.) Dan Patrick

ESPN Patrick

I guess there was foreshadowing all over this article. Yes, the opener indicated I preferred the old school guys, and yes the previous picture could have given you a hint. Dan Patrick is it when it comes to Sportscenter anchors. From 1989-2006 there was nobody better. Olbermann and Patrick were the best, period.

Other Notables:

Kenny Mayne: Dry wit, guy will always be around in some capacity
Craig Kilborn: Probably the most popular anchor of all-time, guy was just hilarious
Stuart Scott: Booyah, mixed nuts for this guy. Some love him, some don’t. I’m more on the love side
John Anderson: New school guy, that should be mentioned with the best when it’s all said and done.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Sportscenter Anchors of All-Time

  1. Take Cohn off and replace her with Kenny Mayne. Also, John Saunders was pretty good as was mike Tirico before they got into play by play and other things. Also, Tom Mees and Steve Levy are pretty good as well.

  2. Give me Neil Everett and Rich Eisen over Leather and Cohn any day. 6th man award goes to Chris Fowler. meep.

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