Five Ways to Make Heavyweight Boxing Relevant Again


Having read recently who the most recent top heavyweight is, I’m stunned at how pathetic this division is in the world of professional boxing. If the powers that be aren’t worried about it then they should be. MMA is by far taking over “fighting” sports and these guys better think of something, and fast.

Luckily they won’t have to think of much because I’ve brainstormed a few ideas for them.

Here are five ways to make heavyweight boxing relevant again…..

More Sexy Ring Girls


This one couldn’t be more obvious if it tried. Come on guys! And instead of just having more sexy ring girls. How about having the ring girls actually fight in between rounds? That’ll get the crowd going.

Get back and Market the Hell out of Butterbean


Of all the heavyweights who ever existed, Butterbean has got to be one of my favorites. You take this guy and make him the poster child of professional boxing and you’ve got some personality there. Boxing needs a heavyweight face and it has none.

Mix Sports, Get These Guys to Fight MMA Fighters


This I would actually pay to see. Take a Vlad Klitschko and pit him against Brock Lesnar and only have it be boxing. You’ve got yourself one hell of a ticket right there.

Make Mike Tyson a Referee


Come on, how awesome would this be? From ear biting to punching dudes when they’re not looking this would be an amazing addition to any fight.

Fire Larry Merchant from HBO Sports


I’ve argue that Merchant has been senile since he was around 30 years old. Why the hell is this guy still on television? He can’t speak. He officially can’t speak. Please remove him ASAP. Thank you.

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