5 Reasons To Hate Today’s Professional Athlete


The Little League World Series is a great time honored tradition. However, if you watch carefully the Series is quite a revelation. The kids these days are emulating professional athletes and it’s pretty obnoxious. Professional athletes are coming close to bringing more garbage to the table than good. It also got me thinking that it’s not just the staring down home runs or hand gestures, there is a lot more to professional sports……. that I hate…….

The Showboating


Act like you’ve hit a home run before. Some of the stuff is tolerable. Touchdown dances can be cool, a guy getting hyped after a big dunk, or a little fist pump after a big strike out, but unfortunately it doesn’t end there. The trash talking and showboating is getting out of hand. A guy dunks the ball or makes a three and poses with his hand up there for 20 seconds. It’s just not necessary and it takes away from the game.  There are only a few guys who are old school and play the game like a professional.

The Ridiculous Salary Demands


There are a group of about a 10,000 individuals out of millions and millions of people around the planet that get an opportunity to play professional sports for a living. I understand the shelf life of an athlete isn’t that long and they need to make money AND there’s a risk of injury, but some of this stuff just gets asinine. There are only a few players that don’t come off as greedy jerks when they’re discussing contracts. The public needs to see a little more humility and appreciation out of athletes. We don’t need to see some guy tweeting because he’s getting screwed out of a mil when he already makes $10 mil a year.

The Lawlessness


Part of the reason professional athletes think they are above the law is because idiots like me spend time writing about them everyday. I’m a huge sports fan, and because of that I unconsciously put players I root for on a pedestal. Well, the players are aware of this and because of that they think the law doesn’t apply to them. Think about it…. every day there is something in the news about an arrest from professional sports.

Flaunting the Money


Well, why do they have ridiculous salary demands? They waste their money on stupid shit. See above. Pro Athletes get money and the next thing you know they have the best cars, mansions, jewelry,  you name it. Sadly, many of these same athletes are broke and bankrupt after their playing days are over. A little responsibility would be nice. There just isn’t a need to be so public about the money. We know you are rich pal, trust me. We don’t need to see it.

The WAGs and Women


You could be the ugliest dude, play a professional sport and you’ll be set with women. Pro athletes get the women, plain and simple. Some pro athletes also treat women very poorly. They aren’t faithful to wives, and some even go to the extent of laying their hands on women violently. Man do these guys get the pick of the litter when it comes to chicks

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7 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Hate Today’s Professional Athlete

  1. Why do think it’s a waste of their money?, if an actor or singer or any other rich person buys outrageous stuff its not a waste but when an athlete does it then you have a problem!. The last time I checked it’s not your money why do you think they should spent the way you want them to?. is it envy because these guy buying this expensive shit as you put it are men of color?, be honest with yourself and tell the truth. No one complains at Jay Leno’s over 100 cars or Arnold Schwarzenegger $100million watch collection but if it was TO or A Rod then it’s a problem! if you had that luxury who knows what you’d spend it on!

  2. What the fuck are you talking about? Men of color? where the hell did you get that? Secondly the title of the article is “5 Reasons To Hate Today’s Professional Athletes” Jay Leno and Arnold Schwarzenegger are professional athletes? Actors or singers are professional athletes? Yeah they can spend the money how they want but don’t you think the $200,000 sunk on a stupid diamond necklace that says filthy rich could have gone to a better cause? I have to congratulate you. This may be the dumbest comment ever posted on this site

  3. Excellent comeback Norty, and great article. I am glad people see the idiocy in these pros salaries. So they use “risk of injury” as an excuse to make millions? What about all the police officers, fire fighters, military personnel, corrections officers, court officers, convenience store clerks and everyone else who is at risk of violent attacks? They don’t make millions and they can easily get injured and killed. These athletes are ridiculous, and your right, as sports fans we feed into it, but come on, give money to a charity or something. There are plenty of people with no jobs and hungry kids that can use millions of dollars, people don’t need a “Philthy Rich” necklace. It’s time these pros grew up. It’s good to see them filing for bankruptcy. I could sure stretch 10 million dollars a year over a lifetime. Thanks for writing Norty!

  4. Um… athletes already do give money to charity, and getting screwed out of a million dollars is a shit ton of money. They want more money at their jobs just like everyone else on the fricking earth. And if they feel they deserve it, then why not demand more. If you made 50k a year and had several accomplishments that put you past your peers wouldnt you want more money?? or would you just say ohh well its only 5 more thousand…its the same thing…they just have more money involved. The difference between them is they have a shit load of athletic talent that people will pay to see…you and I dont.

  5. Stupidity is Universal when it comes to money no matter what walk of life you come from, but when it all said and done what true legacy do you leave behind. How many lives can you say you truely changed. Their’s quite a few true Professionals out there and they are doing what’s their suppose to be done playing the game and behind the scenes helping the needy, sick and the poor. Its the ones who did not have much common sense in the first place that give the rest a bad name. In the words of Comedian Ron White “You can fix ugly but you can’t fix stupid!”

  6. I know this topic is old, however I would like to respond to Dezo. It takes nothing to simply write a check to charity versus actually spending time in a soup kitchen actually helping the poor.

    Playing a game as a kid, growing into an adult and still playing that same game should not be respected, it’s a game people, nothing more. It contributes nothing to society, it cures no diseases, does not aid in the evolution of new technologies, it does nothing…

    I believe a lot of people feel this way, why? I believe it may stem from our days back when we all attended high/middle school. Athletes were typically treated better, and they were able to pass classes without actually doing the work, don’t believe me, “Google” it!!!

    In conclusion I don’t think people should be rewarded so lavishly for playing a game from their childhood, especially when they parade themselves publicly flaunting what they believe they have earned through hard work. Ultimately this does nothing more for society than warp our young into thinking this is the way of life that they should pursue, and in my opinion it does nothing more than proliferate an ignorant society focused around materialism and superficial behavior, not logical. Geothermal power is logical, as are electric vehicles. Mud Wrestling, Football, Nascar, and many, many others are complete wastes and only exist to fill someones pocket with money, nothing more…

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