Who Cares About The Basketball World Championship


The World Basketball Championships could not have come at a worse time. People are desperately ready for football, baseball divisional races are getting sexy, and European soccer has began. Alright, most probably don’t care about soccer, but they certainly don’t care about the World Basketball Championships in Turkey. It’s somewhat of a shame because the team is actually pretty interesting to watch.

Part of the problem is there aren’t enough big names in the tournament. The US doesn’t have Kobe or Lebron, Germany doesn’t have Dirk, and Serbia has Nenad Krstic. It’s a shame that the best player in the NBA, Kevin Durant, doesn’t get enough name recognition. It’s a shame that guys like Danny Granger, Rudy Gay, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Love don’t attract attention. Why? Because they’re damn good, and they aren’t as flashy as most of the idiots in the NBA.

The tournament is set to kick off, and the US is suppose to steam roll the competition. If they win, no one will care. If they lose, they’ll be an epic failure. World Baseball Classic and the World Basketball Championships are underrated tournaments that no one will watch, and it doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon….

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