Hank Steinbrenner Throws The Kiss of Death on The Yanks


Hal and Hank Steinbrenner remind me of those chubby kids in kindergarten that bitched and moaned and didn’t play well with others. Those real bratty kids you hate. The only thing I will say positive in this article is; I realize it must be challenging to follow in the footsteps of The Boss. I mean the guy’s nickname was “The Boss”. He was one of the most accomplished business owners in the history of the United States of America. Anyway, in an attempt to emulate his late father, Hank Steinbrenner has put the jinx on the Yanks by saying…..

Obviously, we’re in the toughest division by far in baseball. So it’s going to be a struggle down to the wire,” Steinbrenner told reporters during a youth charity baseball event at Yankee Stadium on Thursday afternoon. “We’d like to win the division, but I think we can be rest assured we’re going to get the playoffs, then it’s a matter of what we do from there.

It’s just a lose-lose comment. If you make the playoffs, you were suppose to. If you miss them, you look like an ass. You can’t say stuff like that in professional sports, and you shouldn’t say stuff like that with the way your team has been playing the last few weeks. If the Yankees were in the NL East than yeah, by all means, but not this division my friend.

I feel bad for the Steinbrenners. They’ll never be like they’re father no matter how hard they try. Nobody will.

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