Five Legendary Quarterbacks I’m Willing to Bet Did Steroids

In football it’s just not talked about, period. Yeah sure there’s some testing going on here and there. On occasion a player will be made an example of. I get that. But come on. Have we really gotten into the steroid issue on the grid iron? We see all these programs and articles related to how unhealthy football players are years after their retirement.

But how about during the season? Playing 16 games (and now possibly 18) is one rigorous year and if you think that comes without inject some kind of needle or taking a few pills to stay afloat then you are surely mistaken. And I’m willing to bet that many of the best quarterbacks of all time partook in this shit too.

Here are five legends that I fully believe took some sort of something in their careers….

Bear in mind I take nothing away from these players but let’s face it…. You don’t last that long without being on something. You just don’t. Again, I have no proof here. I’m just willing to bet that it’s not as simple as a healthy diet here. Come on.

Brett Favre

Chiefs Vikings Football

Come on. The guy is gonna play until he’s 50. You don’t think he’s on the juice? I mean yeah painkillers are a given but you don’t last into your 40s and play that well without assistance. Just ask Roger Clemens and he was just a puss pitcher, not taking hits every single game.

John Elway


Another guy who didn’t win a ring until the end of his career? Sure Terrell Davis had a lot to do with that but still. In all the years Elway was playing you don’t think he snuck in a little taste here and now? You’d be naive to think not.

Troy Aikman


No one, I mean no one can have a gazillion concussions and keep playing with having some sort of chemical help. I just don’t buy it for a second. The dude was probably playing on 3 brain cells half the time.

Steve Young


If any of you might recall, Steve Young got the shit kicked out of him more than most QB’s that I can remember. He was not a big dude and this guy was clearly one of the best ever. Plus he was lightning quick. Definitely a little juice enhancement if you ask me.

Joe Montana

JoeMontana at Hills

Beloved Joe? Say it ain’t so! Come on. He’s in the NFL! He’s smaller than nearly every quarterback out there. You just don’t have his kind of career on sheer will. I’m sorry.

*Kurt Warner

Guy definitely took something.

* Dan Marino

Must have

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  1. Steve Young, a Mormon, was on the Juice? Someone, please inform the kids @ BYU…in 6 weeks it will be 1984 all over again…

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