Five Careers That Would Be Way Better For Matt Leinart


Honestly I don’t know Matt Leinart from a hole in the wall. But what I do know is that it seems he’s just not cut out for the NFL. I mean the Raiders don’t even want to talk to the guy. Now that’s bad. Plus Leinert is making it abundantly clear that he wants to be a starter which he has absolutely no right to be.

Seriously he should just go back to his drinking and getting hot chick days. It was way more entertaining and I’m guessing he can actually have a career at it. Hell there’s plenty of opportunity out there.

As such I’ve chosen five careers that would be way better for Leinart….

Reality TV Star


Let’s face it. College has never gotten out of Leinart’s system. Hell it hasn’t gotten out of mine and probably never will. I’m willing to bet anything that Leinart is just sitting at home thinking about a life that once was. The guy just doesn’t have it for the NFL. He doesn’t, period. So why not go back to those roots and just hang around MTV for the next 15 years like the Road Rules people do. He’d fit in perfectly.

Camp Counselor


The dude should definitely just tour around the country and be the cool older guy whose taking advantage of hot young chicks on teen tours. I could easily see Leinert succeeding admirably here.

The Dude Who Gets Teenagers Beer


Every town has got one. Leinart would be a perfect guy to do this. I don’t know why but I could just see him walking into a convenience store and get hassled by young kids asking for beer. He’d be the type to buy it too.

Professional Ringer


I only say this in a Sam Malone kind of a way. Remember the episode in Cheers where he was hired at a financial firm just to be the ringer on their softball team? Same could go for Leinert. Guy could tour around from firm to firm helping win athletic championships and get paid for it.



I had to put something kind of real in here. Why not try and succeed as a quarterback somewhere else? I would think a team or two might want to sign him. Develop some confidence if you really want to be in the NFL because clearly somewhere along the way that confidence was shot after college

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