Awesome Video Collection of Bone Crushing Hits…… Pee Wee Football Style


Football season has finally arrived, but not just for the big boys. Little kids across America are putting the pads on, lacing up the cleats, and hitting the gridiron to play some pigskin. Pee Wee Football is American as apple pie. The great thing about it is; the little kids go out there just to have fun not decapitate someone. Nonetheless, it still happens, and even though it is a little violent its just hilarious. Either way, it’s great for kids as long as nobody gets hurt. Here is a gallery of bone crushing Pee Wee hits!!!

QB Gets Blindsided

Little DB gets run over!


Giving Up Your Body On A Block!!

Little Girl Takes Down Ball Carrier Who Just Lays There Dead

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Video Collection of Bone Crushing Hits…… Pee Wee Football Style

  1. Obviously the coaches of the kids in the last film clip don’t know anything about coaching fottball AT ANY LEVEL or they’d never have two kids run together from 15 yrads appart like this. Every seen this happen in high school, college, or pro footnball practice, no. Cause all you’re doing is causing injuries. What can this possibly teach those kids? Think about it. Thoses coaches need to learn about what to do, take a class or something damn. Bunch of dumbasses.

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