5 Classic NFL Fans We All Know And Love


The NFL has the most unique fans in all of professional sports. (To put it politely) There is nothing wrong with being a super fan and getting dressed up, but some fans go far enough that they are universally recognized. The point is; I could put 5 pictures up after the jump and without even listing the team(which I won’t) fans will automatically know what team we’re dealing with.

Take a look after the jump, you know these fans….


Cheeseheads. I mean, how neat, and unique. Wear cheese on your head and that’s how you support your team! Obviously, there is some geographical and regional reference to it so I’m not knocking it, but it’s still pretty cheesy if you think about it. Oh shit, I didn’t go there.


The Dog Pound. This is a little better than Cheeseheads. I can dig it, and no this is not me. I know the picture looks homegrown.


This is the obvious one. These fans are probably the craziest in the game, and they love it. I mean these fans feed blood to their kids. They actually do, in fact, scare me. That’s probably a victory for a set of home fans.


The “Terrible Towels”. Doesn’t really scare the bejesus out of me like the Raiders fan, but it certainly could prove to be the most annoying thing in the history of visiting an opponents football field. If that’s what they’re going for, mission accomplished.


You know you got a heck of a fan base when SNL does a wildly famous skit about you. Daaaa Bears!

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