Five Reasons Why Baseball is So Boring on TV and Not in Person


Have you ever tried watching 9 innings of baseball straight on television? I’m talking not changing the channel once from beginning to end. I guarantee maybe 1% of baseball fans have done this. Why? Because it’s damned near impossible that’s why. Now matter how much you love the game watching it on TV can be quite boring.

Don’t feel guilty about it. It’s the simple truth. The funny thing is, there’s a big reason why going to games is less boring. It’s got nothing to do with the sport of baseball. It’s the fact that you’re watching way less of the game.

Here are five reasons baseball is way better in person….

On TV You’re Kind of Forced to Watch the Game


In terms of an overall picture, going to a game gives you an abundance of distractions whereas when you are home there aren’t too many things you can do.

You Can’t Kill Time as Easily


It’s little things like going to the bathroom or just getting food. At home it takes 2 minutes to get up, take a piss, and come sit down again. At a ball game that can take over 20 minutes. Same goes for food. Waiting on line can take up to 45 minutes so the game moves much quicker when you’re busy with crap like that. At home it’s just you and the game and it can feel like an eternity.

There’s no crowd


At most baseball games you’re going to see at least something interesting happen with the crowd. It might be a fight. It might just be a group of sexy young girls. Whatever the case it’s one hell of a distraction and all of a sudden watching the game is secondary.

There’s no outside entertainment


Baseball games have tons of distractions. I would say minor league games are better for this but there’s the Jumbotron that can spit out trivia, fun little races. There’s prizes for people sitting in certain sections. Bottom line, there’s always stuff going on every inning that can keep a person entertained. At home? It’s not like there’s much going on. It’s you and your TV. Unless you call in a stripper to announce the game.

Announcers Can Be Boring as Hell


Now clearly this depends on who is calling the game but Jesus Christ some of these guys can lull you right to sleep. Ever listen to Joe Morgan when he’s trying to make a point? Guy goes on for like 3 minutes about the same damned thing. It can be quite annoying. Then again there are some great guys out there that would nullify this point completely. Still though, it’s valid for the crappy guys.

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