Seven Movies With the “Realest” Looking Sports Scenes


There’s nothing worse than seeing a sports movie where the actual sports scenes are horrible. Let me give you a perfect example. It’s not a movie but did you ever see any episode of “Saved by the Bell” where they are in the gym? The basketball rims are like 7 feet high and the court is maybe 50 ft long. Not to mention any time someone shoots a basketball it’s like watching a 5-year-old girl.

If you’re gonna make a movie about sports at least get some coordinated people to play the roles of the athletes. And please take the time to do your research and get the emotional elements down.

Here are seven movies that I think did an excellent job of capturing both the emotional and technical elements of their respective sports


It doesn’t get much better than Hoosiers when you’re talking small town basketball. From the actual players (Jimmy might have had the best jump shot form in the history of man) to the emotional stage set on every game this movie clearly had it all. I get chills even thinking about when Jimmy says “I’ll make it.”

Varsity Blues

Have you seen some of the hits in this movie? They are quite insane. Other than that I think the movie is a little silly but the actual football scenes were pretty damned legit.

Any Given Sunday

People will always argue over this movie because it’s Oliver Stone and he always throws in some weird shit like Indians or raw footage of Gladiators. However, you can’t tell me this film didn’t encapsulate the true business and emotion of football. Not to mention the football scenes themselves were pretty damned awesome.

Friday Night Lights

Varsity Blues might have come first but Friday Night Lights is what I would consider to be the best high school football movie ever.

Blue Chips

It helps when you have nearly 10 NBA players in one movie. However, the movie was also great in exposing a little bit about the sordid world of athlete recruiting. The basketball scenes were great because they had great players. It helps!

Major League

I think the scene where Ricky Vaughn comes in to Wild Things to face Clue Haywood might be one of my favorite baseball scenes in any movie ever. I could watch that scene 100 times.

The Rookie

Same goes for the scene when Quaid first steps onto the field at the end.

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