5 Active Athletes We Will Be Telling Our Grandkids We Saw Play


Sports are a serious passion for most of us. Whether its Spring time and baseball is starting, or the start of Fall and football season we love our sports. Part of the reason we have this love is because it’s been passed down from generation to generation from father to son for years. Surely, your father or grandfather has told you stories of the major athletes they saw when they was younger, just like we will tell our children/grandchildren the same stories of athletes we saw during our day. Here are five modern athletes we are certain to tell stories about.


Albert Pujols is certainly the best hitter of our generation. There is no telling where his numbers will end up. He is certainly going to be one of the greatest statistical hitters that ever played the game of baseball. To start his career, nobody has had better numbers than Albert Pujols. If he stays healthy he’ll be talked about for generations.


We all love football. Who is the best quarterback of our generation? Hate him or love him, it’s easily Peyton Manning without argument. I don’t have enough room to write about all his records and accomplishments, but Peyton is not just the best quarterback of our generation, he’s arguably the best of all-time.

derek jeter

Hate if you want, but deep down you know as well as I do that the Captain deserves to be on the list. With the perfect blend of personal achievements to championships Derek Jeter will be in Monument Park in Yankee Stadium with his number retired as well as Cooperstown. In an era tainted with steroids and assholes, Derek Jeter played the game right, and he played it extremely well.


For you Hockey fans, it’s important to include Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. I’m not a huge fan, but we are talking about two guys who are the face of hockey and have the numbers to back it up. If they stay healthy, their numbers should challenge the greats. Crosby already has a Cup, I expect Ovechkin to have one as well.


I know, I know. How can I not put Tiger up here? Hell, he’s still young in Golf years. I do expect him to rebound and win majors again, and if he does he’ll most likely be considered one of the greatest golfers of all-time. I know he’s not popular right now, but you cannot overlook his achievements.

I know what you’re thinking…. Where’s Lebron? We are MJ fans here at Unathletic, and we’re biased.

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12 thoughts on “5 Active Athletes We Will Be Telling Our Grandkids We Saw Play

  1. You must be a young dude. Where’s Willie Mays, Wilt Chamberlain, Barry Sanders, etc. Everyone but Tiger and the hockey players aren’t even first team!!

  2. I agree with Albert and Peyton, but even though Im a Yankee fan I disagree with his selection. Great Yankee but not one of the greatest of our generation. Im not a Kobe or Tiger fan but I would put those two also in there. Kobe is the greatest basketball player around and Tiger is the only golfer who was consistently compared to Nicklaus and Palmer. Of course you could probably ask ten people who the greatest are and get ten different answers. LOL.

  3. I believe this is a very SMALL list of ‘LIVING LEGENDS’ we can say we had the ‘priviledge’ of watching them play. These are some of the active guys. WHAT about guys who have retired that are still ‘living’ legends. Some of those left out are: Jordan(how can he really not be on ANY list), Cal Ripken Jr, Gretzky, Lemieux, Favre,Rivera, Ken Griffey Jr, Ichiro, Hank Aaron, Yaz, Elway,Marino,Bradshaw, and the list is endless, so MANY MANY more that come to mind. Thanks for reading. Please add YOUR favorites.

  4. You mentioned Pujols but left out the greatest hitter my generation ever saw and that was Charlie Hustle PETE ROSE. I will tell my grandkids for sure about his talent.

  5. I think a better question would be ” Who are the five best players you have watched IN PERSON in your lifetime, active or not. I have been to around 25 games in the last 25 years (no Hockey or Golf) and still find that question hard to answer. Although about half of those games had MJ on the court so Barkley, Bird, Magic, and Isiah had no chance. My other picks would be Walter Peyton, Greg Maddox, Ryne Sandberg, and Hines Ward (yes I’m a steeler fan who lives near Chicago).

  6. he said ACTIVE you clowns pay attention…lol

    But this clown has it all wrong… Kobe should be number #1, tiger number 2, lebron james number #3 and derrick rose #4

    I see yardbarker let any idiot write for them…lmao 2 funny

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