Five Unconventional Sports That Are Fun to Watch on TV


I’ve made this argument before and I’ll mention it again. Sports are not the easiest thing to watch on television. I think the reason is because you don’t have enough distraction. So if you’re focused solely on a sport you have to watch the entire broadcast. Honestly not too many sports captivate me enough to watch for hours on end.

However, there are some sports that fall on the unconventional side that can keep me entertained for quite some time.

Here are five of them….

Women’s Volleyball


I think this one is self explanatory but I mean come on. This is just awesome. I should probably amend this one and say women’s beach volleyball but I think it’s safe to say it’s a turn on either way. I thoroughly enjoy this sport.

MMA Fighting


The further along we go the less I would say MMA is “unconventional.” However, until this sport is featured on all networks on a regular basis I can’t really consider it mainstream yet. Don’t get me wrong. It’s incredibly popular. Nothing is more fun than watching a dude get his head bashed in over and over.

Monster Truck Rally


Trust me when I say this is by far one of the most entertaining things to watch. Just wait until the camera pans through the crowd. Believe me, it’s a keeper.



You rarely get to watching surfing on TV unless it’s some movie or documentary about surfing. But I have to say it’s pretty damned cool. When you see the size of the waves and what these guys do with them, it’s pretty phenomenal.

Anything “Extreme”


Personally I like the bikes and rollerblading stuff. These guys are animals. I mean how the hell do you do an entire flip on a motorcycle while 50 ft in the air? Amazing.

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