5 TV/Movie Characters That Would Make Sports Announcing Interesting


I’m not the type of sports fan who nitpicks over announcers. Joe Buck, Jim Nantz, whoever. It doesn’t really make a difference to me. I do have my preferences, but there aren’t many guys out there that bother me. Cris Collinsworth does kind of annoy me though.

John Malkovich is in an upcoming movie, and in the commercials he looks pretty funny. It got me thinking. Malkovich has played some sick characters. Cyrus the Virus, Teddy KGB to name a few. How awesome would it be if Teddy KGB and all his sayings was announcing Monday Night Football right now?

Here are 5 Characters I would love to hear announce sporting events…..

1.) Ari Gold – Entourage

An obvious choice, but had to be made. The guy is classic and his spaz outs would be hilarious. I know it’s obvious, but the guy is one of the best characters on TV.

2.) Michael Scott – The Office

My apologies if you are not an Office fan, but this undoubtedly would be awesome. Steve Carell is hilarious and I think he’d fit perfect here.

3.) Cartman – South Park

This may end up getting annoying after the 3rd quarter, but it would be worth it. You have to be a South Park fan to appreciate this one. Cartman is another classic character.

4.) Jigsaw – Saw

“I want to play a game”. Hey, it would be interesting and it would sound poetic.

5.) Yoda – Star Wars

He’d be more poetic than Collinsworth. I know, I know. Have an imagination!

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