The Worst Kinds of Female Sports Fans


Just the other day I was at a bar in the city and there was a college game on television. There was some girl there wearing a Michigan shirt and she was screaming at the game. I mean literally screaming.

However, the issue was that she was screaming out things that made zero sense. She was acting as if she knew what kinds of calls the refs were supposed to be making. Then she’d just go nuts at something like a touchdown.

To top it all off she wasn’t really good looking. Needless to say I was furious. It’s just really tough to find a decent female sports fan these days. In fact it’s easier to find the opposite.

Here are three horrible female sports fan types…..

The Ones who talk about how cute players are


Nothing is more annoying than the female sports fan who really isn’t a sports fan. She goes to the game because she wants to feel like she’s doing fun stuff with her boyfriend or other guy friends. But all she does is yap about the players and knows zero about what’s going on. Seriously girls, shut up, you’d be way more respectful to the game if you did.

The Ones who think they know more than they do


God I can’t stand this. This might be the worst sports fan on the planet. It’s bad enough if you get stuck with a dude who knows nothing about the sport you are watching but thinks he does. If you get a female it’s not only her talking about shit that she doesn’t know but you run the risk of her talking about cute players too. A double whammy that I want no part of.

The Ones who actually do know a lot


I’m just very irked by a female that knows more about a sport than me….unless she’s hot. But even if she’s hot it still weirds me out.

In conclusion


Is there any kind of female sports fan that is ideal? Eh, pretty much all female sports fans suck but if you get a hot chick wearing a jersey who doesn’t talk much then I think you’re in decent shape.

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