NBA Going Global? 5 Things That Could Happen In Our Lifetime


The NBA is making stronger efforts today than ever to go global. It started with foreign players getting drafted, and it’s slowly moved towards touring and merchandising. It’s clear to see that this progression is going to continue…..

What can we expect as sports fans? In 30 years what will the NBA look like?

Here are 5 things that could potentially happen in our lifetime as the NBA continues to globalize…

1.) A West, East, and Europe Division

It’s easy to see that a third division could be added and the playoff format jumbled. There would be 12 teams spread across Europe. Unfortunately, this will dilute the talent and there will be more non-U.S. players.

2.) Games, Including Playoffs and Championships, could be played in neutral sites around the world

The Euro Championship does it. The World Cup does it. It’s all about Global man. I know those are once every 4 year events, but the international dollars are tough to deny.

3.) More Foreign Players in the NBA, which leads to NBA expansion

The NBA is going to welcome more foreign players to rope in their markets around the globe. This may lead to more expansion teams.

4.) Merchandising all over the planet

You’re going to see Yao, Yi, and thousands of jerseys all over the world. The NBA product is going to be all over the planet. The NBA internet store is going to get hits from everywhere

5.) The World NBA League


There’s going to be a South American division, a European division, an Asian Division etc. The NBA is going to racking up frequent flyer miles.

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