Five Embarrassing Kicks in Soccer


It happens in all sports. Even to the best of players. In baseball a pitcher might have one get away and fly into the stands. A batter might fall on his ass for no reason. In football a quarterback might throw a ball that leaves us all questioning what the hell he was doing.

In soccer? Soccer holds the botched kick. It’s really quite funny when you get down to it. Nothing’s worse than a penalty kick which should be a relatively easy goal which turns out to be a complete embarrassment.

But there’s other embarrassing kicks in soccer as well. Here are five….

Ridiculously Bad Corner Kick

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much worse than this. Ouch.

Flying Kick to the Face

Check out minute :30. Now that’s badass.

Wow This is Funny

The announcers are awesome here. Truly embarrassing.

Possibly the Worst Penalty Kick Ever

This is right up there with the last one.

Fan Takes the Shot

Hell of a kick there buddy!

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