5 Athletes That Would Ruin Your Image If You Hit The Nightclub Together


If you are in the process of trying to build your image, your social circle is a key factor that should be manicured. With that said, in an effort to help you, I will advise you on 5 professional athletes that you should avoid. When I say avoid, I mean don’t be caught in the nightclub at 2:00 am with this person. It would set you back lightyears in image building….

Sadly, you could pick almost every NFL player, but I will try and mix it up. Here are the 5….

1.) A-Rod

After playing like a cheesedick in the 2010 playoffs, A-rod was promptly seen in a Miami nightclub with Lebron James. If there was a wrong decision to make, A-rod will make it. It’s almost too predictable. The guy isn’t popular with the general public, and his overall image is poor. Avoid this guy like the plague.

2.) Ron Artest

I’m not even going to sugar coat this one. Stay the fuck away from Artest. The last time something positive was associated with Ron Artest was when he took his drug test. The guy is a flipping nightmare, and quite frankly scares the piss out of me. One minute you’ll be drinking Grey Goose, the next he’ll be trying to bite your ear off.

3.) Plaxico Burress
plaxico burress wr jail

Next time, it’ll be your foot…….

4.) Michael Vick

This is a pretty obvious one. Being seen in the nightclub with Mike Vick would be bad. If his brother is there, run for the freakin’ hills. Bottomline, your sensitivity status with chicks is going to get nailed.

5.) John Terry

English soccer player John Terry would be the icing on the cake. He banged a teammates chick, then was dropped from England’s captaincy. The minute you talk to a chick you’re going to have to be on the look out for a robbery by JT. Guy would just crush your image.

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