A Gallery Of Belly Flops That’ll Make Your Nuts Sting


Belly flopping seriously takes some stones. To commit to a full on belly flop, knowing it’s going to sting like hell, to me, is an act of tremendous courage. If you consider the art of belly flopping the more pain.. the better the belly flop. One of the few things in the world you can say that about.

Either way, here we go.. Start the Wednesday off with some just awesome belly flops that’ll have you cringing as you eat your breakfast.

Have a good day kids…

1.) The Fake Out In A British Speedo

2.) The Heavy Guy flop (minus points for the t-shirt)

3.) The Graceful Flop

4.) The Style Belly Flop, Not Sure What The Hell The Goal Was

5.) Chick goes face first in slow-mo

6.) The Dry Land Beer Crushing Belly Flop

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