Calipari and Kentucky Forward Have Childish Twitter War


Kentucky Forward Josh Harrelson and Coach John Calipari have had a little tiff over Twitter. After the Blue and White scrimmage Harrelson tweeted…

Either we are the worst offensive rebounding team or he had gotten better”!!! Just amazing to me I can’t get a good job or way to goyes he has been working hard this off season… It is just amazing to me but I look past it and keep trucking! You can’t stop this train!!!

He is now on punishment and is no longer allowed to have his twitter account. Calipari didn’t stop there. The coach who is like 50 years old tweeted….

Please don’t fault Josh. He’s never dealt w/ how to handle success. I promoted him to the 1st team & told the team to applaud his effort.

I’m looking for consistency in practice, scrimmages & games. He won’t be tweeting until he’s responsible enough to handle success & failure.

Got to love it. John Calipari is loser. It’s amazing he is considered a great coach and is rich. Unreal

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