Five Realistic Spokespeople for the NBA


I’m sure that by now you’re well aware that Marisa Miller is the current spokesperson for the NFL. Honestly when I first heard about it I thought it was surprising for the NFL to blatantly use sex to promote itself. Granted this isn’t a new concept but the NFL has always been the most “honest” of all the major sports.

But can you really blame them? I just hope MLB ends up hiring a porn star next season. Speaking of spokespeople, let’s talk about the NBA. As far as I know the NBA doesn’t have an official spokesperson. Players are commonly uses as spokespeople for their teams but unless I’m mistaken I don’t know if there is one for the league itself.

And if there is I probably should know more. The fact I don’t leads me to believe these five would be better candidates…..

Jack Nicholson


Come on. The guy hasn’t missed a game in how many years? I’m pretty sure the entire basketball world would embrace Jack as being the official spokesman for the league. He’d bring some flare, young chicks, and of course those sunglasses. And something tells me he would accept the job.

Spike Lee


Lee is kind of like the New York Jack Nicholson of basketball fan. He barely misses any home games and he’s right there yelling at refs. You gotta like it. Granted if he were spokesperson for the league it might be a little weird. I’m sure he would do all kind of weird commercials. I don’t know. Still though, there aren’t too many bigger fans out there.

Jay Z


Of all the people on this list Jay Z is probably the most business savvy. He also has appeal as a rapper. I think he’d actually make the best fit out of anyone, like period. He’s a huge fan of the game. He also has a vested interest in the NBA. And fortunately or unfortunately the NBA is young, urban, and hip. It’s just the way it is these days. Yet it’s run by an old Jewish man who looks like a toad. Go figure.

Eva Longoria Parker


She ain’t Marisa Miller but we know that she’s a huge supporter of the NBA. Or at least her husband.

Marv Albert

marv albert's wig

Honestly when you think of how the NBA has been voiced over the last 30 years do you think of anyone over Marv Albert? Hells no. Not sure he has the greatest face for being a spokesman but come on. It’s Marv! Love that guy.

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