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I know I run the risk of appearing, umm, feminine by my making this comment but as I was watching football Saturday I made a small observation. Oregon’s uniforms are ugly. Then as I was watching NFL Red Zone Sunday, I noticed the NFL isn’t really full of a lot of cool uniforms.

I’m not saying I want flashy uniforms, but there aren’t a lot of teams out there with cool colors and logos. Particularly in MLB. So while risking my masculinity, I give you the coolest Logos in team sports.

Take a look…………..

For the Record: As I was doing this article Troy Aikman said he thought the Patriots throwback was “sharp” and was digging on their uniforms. See everyone looks. And I disagree Troy.

1.) Washington Nationals

I like the Nats logo. I like the “DC”. The colors work for me. Nothing too flashy. Simple, pretty strong.

2.) Washington Wizards

While we’re in Washington, I like the Wiz. This is about as creative as I’ll go with colors. Pretty cool though

3.) Memphis Grizzlies

4.) New York Yankees

You don’t really mess with the Yankees. It’s classic.

5.) Detroit Red Wings

Not much you can do with “Red Wings” Not a big red fan, but this is classic and deserves some love.

6.) Atlanta Thrashers

Have you seen a thrasher? It’s a little wimpy bird. They did some magic to make that animal look sick on a logo

7.) Atlanta Falcons

Once again, while we’re in Atlanta, I like the Falcons. The Ravens are cool, but the Dirty Bird is a cool logo.

8.) Boston Red Sox

It’s the Sox. The Team nickname is Red Sox, and the have a famous logo. Respect

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Team Logos In Pro Sports

  1. why wouldnt the team with the biggest sport franchise in the world possibly have their logo mentioned in this? obviously the artard that wrote this is some hockey loving fool

  2. Sorry, but this was an incredibly poorly written article.

    I read a lot of crap on the internet and dont find myself commenting as such, but this post was especially worthy.

  3. @ted; norty is not some hockey loving fool because if he was, the famed logo of the Montreal Canadiens would be there. Norty is just some dude who actually thinks he knows what he is talking about and gets idiots like us to come read his article.

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