Six Awesome “Brief” NBA Jerseys To Have Owned


Remember strolling into your local community center in high school?  Remember the days of playing hoops on Friday and Saturday nights before you discovered alcohol?  Weren’t those the days?

Everyone geared up to play around 10 games for 3 hrs.  Back then we didn’t lose energy.  Back then we had no worries.  OK I’m getting off topic.  Remember how in preparation for these games you’d be sporting your favorite jerseys?  I used to wear Larry Johnson when he was a Hornet.

But it would have been pretty sweet to sport one of these five jerseys…..

Rasheed Wallace Atlanta Hawks


Yup, Wallace was on the Hawks for like 3 seconds.  I think it would be pretty cool to be ballin’ with a jersey like this.  Of course I’m 31 years old and I don’t really ball much anymore.  Plus if I wore anything except for high socks no one would take me seriously.   I’m too old.

Kobe Bryant Charlotte Hornets


Man, imagine what could have been.  Did they even make these jerseys?  I’m sure at least a few were produced and it would have been cool to get my hands on a few of these.

Allen Iverson Memphis Grizzlies


Actually I think it will be way cooler to wear his new Turkish team jersey but the Grizzlies one will do.  Plus the title of the article is “NBA” so I need to stick to the format.

Ben Wallace Washington Bullets or Orlando Magic


Before his defensive domination days Wallace was a part of both the Bullets and the Magic.  Hard to believe he was a total nobody on these teams.  Would be pretty badass to have owned one of these jerseys in anticipation of his breakout seasons.   Answer?  Steroids.

Tracy McGrady New York Knicks

New York Knicks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

As a Knicks fan it’s nice to know someone of that caliber (well used to be caliber) was on our team for at least one season.  This team hasn’t had a real star since Patrick Ewing.  If anyone says Marbury I’m going to puke.

Dominique Wilkins – Celtics


I know that C’s fans will like this and most people won’t. But I have to admit, Dominique looked good in Celtics green and the important thing is that he still had some game left when he was in that uniform. The Magics jersey was a lost cause.

Got any more?  Include in the comments

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5 thoughts on “Six Awesome “Brief” NBA Jerseys To Have Owned

  1. You’re missing some other good ones, like Shawn Kemp (Orlando or Cleveland), Steve Francis (Knicks), Herb Williams (Raptors, 1 game), Antoine Walker in #88 (Celtics, a few games), Dennis Scott (Knicks), Shawn Marion (Heat), and of course for comedy’s sake, MJ (Wizards).

  2. Kobe didnt play for the Hornets so prob no jersey since he was traded immediately. But the Sheed on the Hawks is a classic.

    Some other good ones: Pippen on the Rockets, Majerle on the Cavs, Stojakovic on the Pacers, Jermaine O’Neal on the Raptors, Marion on the Heat, Danny Manning on the Hawks, Greg Anthony on the Sonics.

    Great article by the way, I’ve done several posts highlighting these.

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