10 Classic Elite Athlete Commercials


It’s gotta be the shoes!

I really collected these videos not because they were so amazingly funny. I’m not even sure how entertaining they were. Well, yes, they were pretty damned entertaining. But I was really amazed at how much times have changed.

Even as late as 1992 it practically looks like these commercials were shot in the early 80’s. I remember 1987 Topps baseball cards like they were yesterday. Time sure does fly. And so do the careers of incredible athletes.

Here’s a look at 10 classic commercials featuring elite athletes.

7 UP with Boxers Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee

Walter Payton KFC Commercial

Larry Bird and Magic Johson for Converse

Natural Light Beer with Mickey Mantle

John Mcenroe Bic Shaver Ad

Moses Malone Nike Commercial

Arnold Palmer and OJ For Hertz

Dan Marino Know when to Say When

Mike Tyson for Pepsi

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