15 Historically Funny NBA Nicknames


The NBA has had its fair share of great and appropriate nicknames. In fact that’s a list unto itself. However, you’d be surprised at how many funny nicknames there are as well. I mean when you really think about it some are just outright racist. Some of them allude to porn. And some of them are just so random that you have to laugh.

Makes you kind of wonder where the hell someone came up with these things. Well, I have the answers.

Here are 15 funny nicknames in the history of the NBA

Bad Porn – Corey Maggette


“Sure, there’s penetration and scoring, but are you really happy with what you’re seeing?” Warriors fans gave him this nickname after his $50MM signing.

Big Dog – Antoine Carr


The original big dog. Screw Glenn Robinson. But when you think about it, they named him this because he reminded them of a dog. That’s not nice.

Chocolate Thunder – Darryl Dawkins


Man was this name appropriate and highly racist at the same time. You have to admit, this guy was definitely chocolaty, and definitely thunderous. His dunks were legendary.

Dr. Dunkenstein – Darrell Griffith


Eh, I just kind of liked this name.

The Enormous Mormon – Shawn Bradley


As if Bradley wasn’t crapped on enough by the liked of every player dunking on him, his pathetic white body was a Mormon too. What a joke. P.S. his wife is 5’3.

Grandmama – Larry Johnson


This was actually a character that was his alter ego after appearing on an episode of Family Matters. He was a teammate of Steve Urkel’s. I can’t imagine too many people knew this.

Junk Yard Dog – Jerome Williams


JYD! No one will replace the true WWF JYD but Jerome is pretty close.

Roscoe – Rasheed Wallace


This is the best explanation for a nickname ever. His former teammate J.R. Rider (while ‘Sheed was on the Blazers) decided that he looked like a Roscoe. No explanation. Incredible.

Sleepy – Eric Floyd


Floyd has hooded eyelids and actually fell asleep in some games.

Tough Juice – Caron Butler


Eddie Jordan nicknamed him this for his aggressive and passionate play. Funny, it sounds kind of pornish.

White Chocolate – Jason Williams


White guy that plays like a black guy. He’s also named this because he talks with an “urban” accent.

The Beard – Baron Davis


Obvious reasons. I just find this name to be incredibly funny. Davis also has about a thousand other nicknames but I like this one the best.

Bimbo – Vernon Coles


If anyone can tell me how he got this name I’d appreciate it. It’s damned funny.

Black Mamba – Kobe Bryant


It’s pretty awesome when you give yourself a nickname and it sticks. Either that or you’re a loser because no one has designated you one. Kobe is no loser though.

Boobie – Daniel Gibson



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  1. The enormous Mormon one wasn’t even funny it was just straight up stupid, Shawn bradley is da most balla NBA playa evr so you better Czech yourself B4 u wreck yo self

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