5 Best Coaches From Sports Movies


We’re all sports movie buffs. What makes a good sports movie is the story and the cast, especially the coach. There have been tons of movies and shows with a sports theme, but there haven’t been a ton of great coaches.

We put together a list of the best coaches in sports movies. Take a look….

5.) Mickey from Rocky

I realize this one has an asterisk, but Mickey is a great character. Technically, he’s not a coach he’s a boxing trainer, but man was he awesome.

4.) Morris Buttermaker from Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears is just hilarious, and I personally love this character. I realize there may be some argument here, but Walter Matthau as Buttermaker is classic.

3.) Tom Hanks from League of Their Own

Might not be a classic sports movie, but Hanks killed it in this performance. He was great as Jimmy Duggan the manager of the Rockford Peaches. “No crying in baseball” became a classic quote.

2.) Denzel Washington in Remember The Titans

Great movie. Could, in fact, be the best performance in the group. Denzel as Coach Boone was the perfect call by the casting director.

1.) Gene Hackman from Hoosiers


I get to be biased here, but Hoosiers is the all-time greatest sports movie. It is that, in my opinion, because of the performance Gene Hackman gives as Coach Norman Dale. Just amazing.

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