Fan Vote! Hottest MTV Real World Chicks Of All-Time


The Real World on MTV is one of those shows that began in my era. Just when I began to comprehend the idea of penises and vaginas, MTV came out with the Real World. I really latched on around the 3rd season with Puck, the late Pedro Zamora, and that crew. Nowadays, I still enjoy the Challenges as much as the next guy. Amazingly, some old heads still make appearances on those shows. as much attention to it. Road Rules was also a good show in the early days. Today, its a bunch of 21 year olds put in a house and told to fight and have sex. They just don’t make em like they use to.

With that said, spanning the past 20 years we’ve picked the 5 hottest girls to have ever been on the show. With tons of casts and immense popularity, this is quite an honor..

Take a look…

(5) Jamie Chung – San Diego

Jaime is prospering nicely. She’s acting, modeling… Looking hot. A lot of people put her number one all-time!

(4) Jacinda Barrett – London

Another model actress who doesn’t get much recognition on the Real World’s hottest because her season was ages ago. She’s hot, make no mistake about it.

(3) Melinda Stolp – Austin

Sexy, slutty, Melinda could rock your world bro. She married the roider Danny, but they’ve since divorced and she’s on the prowl for some action methinks.

(2) Cameron Eubanks – San Diego

Cameron’s just straight beautiful. I give Brad credit.. before he married Tori he had a little fun with Cameron. When she went on the show she was mad young, a ripe cherry waiting for the action..

(1) Mallory Snyder – Paris

Hands down number 1. Absolutely the sexiest of all-time. Need proof – Go grab a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition from the past couple years.

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  1. Nah.

    This list is wrong. Without Kelly Anne Judd, Svetlana Shusterman, Cara Zavaleta, Irulan Wilson and Arissa Hill the list aint right. You did get Jamie right though!

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