Photo Shoots That Should Get Athletes Locker Room Beatdowns


There should be a rule that a male athlete cannot do a provocative photo shoot like the ones you are about to witness. I know I am being sexist because I do enjoy when female athletes show do similar advertisements. I’m not proud of it, though. There just should be some unwritten rule that as a male athlete you should stick to, well, manly things.

There has to be a female population out there that loves these ads or they wouldn’t exist. I just haven’t come across any chick yet that goes, “Oh man did you see that David Beckham photo shoot where his package is staring you right in the face. That was awesome.” Maybe I will someday… Please understand I am being polite in my description of these #$%$ ads. I just don’t understand why someone doesn’t say something to these dudes.

Take a look for yourself, if you wish………..

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