Auburn v. Oregon Aside, The TOP 5 Bowl Games This Season

The Bowl schedule was released on Sunday, and I’ve got a couple of thoughts. (1) The big time bowls are legit this year (2) There are so many freakin’ bowls that there are some horrible games too. Aside from Auburn v. Oregon in the National Championship just what are the best bowls this season.

Here are Unathletic’s Top 5 Bowl Games not counting the title game

(5) Champs Sports Bowl – NC State vs. West Virginia 12/18 @ 6:30 PM

This game draws intrigue for a few different reasons. The first being the guy above. NC State, with Russell Wilson, can score with relative ease, they just can’t stop anyone. They’ve been an exciting team to watch this year. The ball falls a couple different ways and West Virginia is in a BCS game. They’ve finished strong, and must be still kicking themselves for that loss to Syracuse.

(4) Alamo Bowl – Oklahoma State vs. Arizona 12/29 @ 9:15 PM

Nick Foles and Kendall Hunter two preseason Heisman hopefuls and pro prospects. Arizona started out great, but then proceeded to lay an egg the last 4 games. This is a good Arizona team. Oklahoma St. should have been playing for the Big XXII championship. They can score in bunches. I know I’ll be saying this about a lot of teams, but this team was a couple bounces the other way from going undefeated and making the BCS a mess.

(3) Capital One Bowl – Michigan State vs. Alabama 1/1 @ 1 PM

Mark Ingram could be back for one more bone crushing season, but just in case he’s not we need to tune into this game. ‘Bama may never recover from coughing up a 24 point lead to Auburn, but they are still one of the better teams in the country. FYI Michigan State is #7 in the country with one loss to Iowa. (They didn’t play Ohio State) Regardless, they are a great football team. I’m intrigued because this game could be a good measuring stick for the Big Ten.

(2) Sugar Bowl – Arkansas vs. Ohio State 1/4 @ 8 PM

I love Andrew Luck, but I’d rather see Mallett vs. Pryor. If you haven’t seen Ryan Mallett throw the football yet, I suggest you watch this game. Pryor is a freak, but Mallett has a lazer beam for an arm. The question will be Arkansas’ defense. Mallett and Pryor beat out Luck and Taylor (that’s a good game too!).

(1) Rose Bowl – TCS v. Wisconsin 1/1 @ 4:30 PM

TCU wants a shot to prove themselves, well here ya go. A team that has one lonely loss to Michigan State. A team that has been having 70 on teams the past few weeks. This should be a great game. You see TCU and you think defense, well they’ve score 4 more touchdowns on the season than Wisconsin. We’ll see if their schedule is the cream puff Gordon Gee thinks it is…..(I know he was talking about Boise but it’s still applicable)

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  1. just to update you ….this morning boise state is now 10th spot…computers were wrong…sorry if that bursts your bubble… tee hee

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