The 7 Deadly Sins In Professional Sports

Professional sports, without a doubt, is THE place the 7 Deadly Sins thrive. There is no other entity where you’ll find them with such ease. I’m not a religious freak by any means, but I am surprised that there isn’t some active religious group protesting this fact. I’m also writing this article knowing damn well that if I was a pro athlete I’d have 7 best friends, ya feel me?

No matter how you slice it, the 7 Deadly Sins are getting exercised regularly in Pro Sports. This article didn’t take long at all to find examples. Take a look for yourself…

(1) LUST

I will say second place to #3 of all the sins. Athletes have WAGs, groupies, whoever. Either way, there is a whole lot of action going on in the bedroom.

(2) Gluttony

With the exception to lineman in the NFL, gluttony really refers to the excessive partying. I’m sure there is a hell of a lot of eating, but we all know there is a hell of a lot of drinking often developing into serious issues. See Miguel Cabrera etc.

(3) Greed

Is there anything more prevalent than athlete greed?? I want a new contract, I want $$$$. They get paid ridiculous amounts of money as is, but it’s never enough.

(4) Laziness

Laziness is a little tougher to define in professional sports because you need to be in tip-top shape right? Well, it’s still pretty easy to find. Players taking plays off, not playing, not training. Trust me, I found it pretty easily.

(5) Wrath

There were so many different ways to take this one I couldn’t choose. Football players kind of have to be angry. Hockey fights are hugely popular. So lets just say about everyday there’s an altercation of some kind in some sport. Wrath might be the leader in the clubhouse now.

(6) Envy

Envy is a special place. It is driven by comparisons, and will never be admitted. Many times, you see guys comparing contracts to others to justify what they should get, but that’s greed to. A-rod/Jeter, Lebron/Michael, you better believe envy exists.

(7) Pride

Holy s%&t.. Ok, ok, Pride wins the grand prize. How many humble professional athletes exist? You can count them on one hand. As defined, there is an inordinate amount of self esteem in pro sports..

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  1. That picture of LBJ next to MJ makes no sense, it should be Kobe, LeBron never act, walk, chew gums, stick his tongue out like MJ, LeBron does not envy MJ. Kobe does.

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