“All I Want For Christmas”…. A Sports Fan’s 5 Christmas Wishes…

The Holiday Season is right around the corner, and instead of a new sweater, I decided I want 5 things to happen in sports within the next calendar year. I can say with confidence that these 5 wishes aren’t just my personal wishes, but could be shared by a wide range of sports fans.

I think most are pretty reasonable. Take a look, and feel free to chime in on your wishes…

(5) Carmelo To the Knicks

As I said before, if I had to choose a team to align with in the NBA it’d be the Knicks. I don’t watch much of it. However, I think with the progress the Knicks are making adding ‘Melo could put MSG back on the spot. Plus, any more reinforcements to screw up the Miami Heat’s world I’m in favor in. Amar’e has been good this year, he deserves a nice Christmas gift!

(4) The NCAA to make College Basketball Players Stay a Minimum of 2 years

I would really like to wish for at least 3 years, but as an American I cannot tread on people’s freedom (yawn). Think about how awesome college basketball would be if it wasn’t so transient. We don’t get enough of these one-hit wonders competing. It’s a shame. Not to mention, these kids are probably more retarded when they go pro.

(3) Rex Ryan To Spontaneously Combust

How much do you hate the Jets because of this ass? It doesn’t help when coaches are tripping people, and Mark Sanchise is the quarterback. Couldn’t be a less likable team in the NFL.

(2) Conferences To Not Go Overboard With Realignment

I don’t mind a few teams switching. Especially teams that deserve to because they’ve outgrown the competition in their conference. It’s hard to ignore that money and the “rich get richer” concept could overwhelm college sports. You’ll basically have a few huge power conferences and a bunch of nobody’s. It’s a slippery slope, hopefully some kind of similar structure can stay in place.


I went to Villanova. To me, there is a huge difference between FBS and FCS quality. However, the FCS playoff is just awesome to watch. I’ve really loved it the past few years. Now imagine, if the big boys had a playoff. It’d be unbelievable. It’s an amazing concept to think about. I’m hoping….

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