Lame NHL, NBA, And NFL Christmas Commercials!

It’s hard to really fathom how crappy a job the NBA, NHL, and NFL does when they put together holiday commercials. We all know the famous commercials where an athlete, who has an attractive family, wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Those aren’t even that good. The Mariah Carey one that you’ll see after the jump is horrific, but may not be as horrific as Plaxico Burress’ featured NFL Network Commercial..

Take a look at some Holiday Commercials from professional sports. You are sure to be disappointed!

(1) Decent NHL apparel Christmas Commercial

(2) Must I comment on a Plaxico Burress Christmas Commercial

(3) Hilary Duff and Lil’ Romeo for the NBA.. Simply Awful

(4) I guess this Mariah Carey Commercial isn’t so bad compared to the others

(5) Getting an Ovechkin Jersey Commercial. I can see the excitement

(6) Kobe and Lebron Dunking On Reindeer Is Probably the Best

(7) I like this NHL commercial because of the end

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