The World’s Coolest Athletes in 2010

Yesterday, we dropped the annoying athletes of the year. Today, we’ll go for the coolest. To be classified as cool in this circumstance, we need likable guys who have had success on the playing field. This is a tougher task than one would think. There are a lot of dudes out there that just rub you the wrong way these days.

After some review, here are the winners. Such a great achievement isn’t it…..

(5) Rafael Nadal

Rafa had an amazing year. He won the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open. Truly amazing. He had to pull out of the Australian Open because of injury. The guy is the #1 player in the world, and seems like a pretty cool dude minus the capris.

(4) David Villa

It’s hard not to put Villa on this list. He’s emerged as one of the World’s best soccer players, and led his nation to the World Cup. It’s once every 4 years folks. Villa continues to rack up accolades as he was named the 2010 United States Sports Academy Male Athlete of the Year. Oh, and Barcelona is one of the most dominant teams in Europe right now.

(3) Cameron Newton

It was his father, not him that screwed up right? Right??? Newton electrified college football this year. He took home the Heisman, and did so with a lot of “stuff” going on. He seem to handle the situation with all the right things to say. Lets hope this one doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass.

(2) Maya Moore

You could argue no athlete has had more success in 2010. She hasn’t lost a game in 2010. She has a championship and she has all the hardware required in her sport. The best part is she’s not a chest banging idiot like some other chicks in women’s basketball. Argue it….

(1) Drew Brees

Brees gets the sentimental victory in this one. He won the Super Bowl for New Orleans and he did it with as much class as any athlete in the NFL. A league that struggles with class. Best picture of the year for sure was him and his son. Brees is performing great, and he is a very likable dude.

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