Number Crunching! What the Average U.S. Salary Means to Some Athletes

In the year 2010, the average individual income in the United States was about $46,800. For the purpose of this exercise we’ll round that up to about 50k. Professional athletes make a lot more money than that. Call it envy or what you like, but we’re often posting articles about the astronomical amounts of money these idiots get paid. While I say that, I follow sports like a mad man essentially putting money into their pockets. Oh well.

With all that said, we selected a few elite athletes and pitted them against the average US citizen. It’s pretty interesting. Take a look………

(5) Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin makes $9 million a year. He played in 72 games last year. During game 1 of 72, a couple minutes into the second period, Ovechkin earned what the average US citizen earned

(4) Jermaine O’Neal

Last year, someone picked up Jermaine O’Neal’s expiring contract. It was the Miami Heat… We all found out why. Either way, they payed O’Neal close to $23 million last year. The injury plagued star ended up playing in 70 games for a total of 1995 minutes all season. That means (you ready for this kick in the balls).. Jermaine made what you, average Joe makes a year, every 5 minutes.

(3) Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals

Last year, Carson Palmer took home $16 million. He completed 282 passes in 16 games. That’s about 17 passes a game. If Carson completes a pass, he’s already made more than the average citizen by $6,000.

(2) CC Sabathia, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira

This is a fun one. The New York Yankees had 4 of the top paid players in baseball in 2010. Jeter, A-Rod, CC, and Tex totalled about $100 million dollars. Even though CC was a pitcher, the foursome played a total of 3870 innings. In a game that CC goes the full 9, the four of these guys have earned 5 years salary for average Joe.

(1) Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods didn’t win a bloody thing in 2010. He still made $2.3 million. This does not count the other $70 million he made in endorsements. Here’s the fun.. for the year he shot 8 under par (18 over at Bridgestone hurt him) Either way, if you do the odd math for each stroke under par for the year he earned almost 5 years salary for the average Joe.

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