5 Hall of Fame Worthy Baseball Players That Will Never Get There

Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. It took a while for Blyleven. Robbie Alomar had to sit out a year because he’s a spitter. There were a couple noticeable omissions that were more of a revelation that some guys just aren’t even going to get a sniff.

I have no issue with the voters standing pat and not voting these guys in. If you’ve been implicated and successful, it appears as if the Hall of Fame does not want any part of you. As long as that stays consistent, there will be some guys with Hall of Fame worthy numbers that won’t ever be a part of baseball imortality.

Take a look….

(5) Rafael Palmeiro

“I never took steroids, period” 3,000 hits, 500 home runs, but you’ll never be in the Hall of Fame, period.

(4) Mark McGwire

583 Home Runs, Highest HR/AB ratio in the history of the game. Not gonna make it.

(3) Sammy Sosa

609 Home Runs… hmmm you can kiss the Hall of Fame goodbye

(2) Roger Clemens

7… 7 Cy Young Awards. 300 Wins, 4,600 strikeouts. Unfortunately, Roger is in deep doo doo.

(1) Alex Rodriguez

Fact is; A-rod could statistically end up as the best that ever played. The best that ever played won’t ever be in the Hall of Fame. Sad

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