The 5 Best Coaching Jobs In All Of College Sports

With all the coaching changes swirling around college and professional sports these days it really begs the question. What colleges boast the best coaching jobs in the country. In today’s world, college coaching jobs are much more similar to that of the pros. John Wooden, arguably the greatest coach in college basketball history, didn’t win much in the first ten years of his career. Today, he would have never lasted that long.

There are several factors that make a great coaching job. The popularity of the team, the facilities, the history, the money, and more. Here are the 5 best spots…..

(5) UCLA Bruins Basketball Head Coach

This is going to be my only controversial one I promise. I picked UCLA over North Carolina. Fact is, North Carolina may have the slight nod. I’m looking at history, fan base, facilities, and money. What hurts UCLA in this argument is UCLA hasn’t been very good lately. If they’re National Title contenders it’s a great job. I’d rather be mentioned in the same breathe as John Wooden than Dean Smith.

(4) Alabama Crimson Tide Football Head Coach

History, check. Money, check. Facilities and popularity, check. I will put an asterisk next to this one because it has been highly influenced by the recent success of the program. You’re in the best football conference in the country and arguably the best team. I like this one.

(3) Duke Blue Devils Head Basketball Coach

We’re not talking about the history of UCLA or North Carolina. Here’s what we are talking about… Success, Money, Facilities, and…… the highest graduation rate in college sports. That appeals to me, and that’s why Kentucky’s job wasn’t considered because of all that nonsense. How can you not love this machine of a program.

(2) Michigan Wolverines Head Football Coach

Well you have to win for it to be a good job right? Regardless, here’s what we got. History and money for sure. What we also have is the LARGEST venue in college sports that sells out every Saturday. We have a cult following. When Michigan is a powerhouse there is nothing better.. or is there……

(1) Notre Dame Fighting Irish Head Football Coach

Sure you have to win here too but…. What other program has it’s own television contract? What other program has a national following this size? Oh and there’s a little bit of history, hell there’s a movie. Money, well, they only make the most in college sports. Argue this one….

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