The Best College Football Games of The 2010 Season

The college football season ended Monday night with Auburn edging out Oregon on a last second field goal. It was a very very exciting season, and to try and pick 5 games is next to impossible. We’ll try and keep this in the Top 25 as best as possible. We will put this season to bed, and finish out the NFL then move onto to Baseball.

Here are some of the best games this season in college football.. Enjoy. (Click on photo to read about game)

Week 1: Boise St. vs. Virginia Tech

Week 3: Iowa vs. Arizona (Arkansas vs. Georgia ending got a look)

Week 4: Auburn vs. South Carolina (Great games this week, Alabama vs. Arkansas was awesome)

Week 5: Michigan State vs. Wisconsin (This is the week Oregon ran away from Stanford)

Week 6: LSU vs. Florida

Week 7: Auburn vs. Arkansas

Week 8: Iowa vs. Wisconsin

Week 9: NC State vs. Florida State

Week 10: Alabama vs. LSU

Week 11: Wisconsin vs. Indiana

Week 12: Arkansas vs. Mississippi St

Week 13: Auburn vs. Alabama

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