5 Impact Players To Watch This Weekend Not Named Tom Brady

I’m not sure why they’re even playing these great games this weekend. Ines Sainz picked the Jets (ummm, WTF?) to win the Super Bowl. Well, now that we know who is going to win, we probably shouldn’t bother to watch. I shouldn’t even go there. Anyway, there are some great games this weekend and it all starts with the Ravens vs. Steelers on Saturday.

We all know the Patriots hopes and dreams start and end with Tom Brady. He’s an obvious choice for this list. Here are 5 other impact players that will play a role in the outcome of this weekend….

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(5) Ray Rice – RB – Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens will win this game if they can do ANYTHING on the ground. The Steelers don’t allow a thing in terms of rushing for opponents. If Rice can get going a little bit, work out of the back field, it’ll help Joe Flacco tremendously, and save the defense. Going three and out on three passes wears down a defense. Rice has about 50 yards in two games vs. the Steelers this year. He was big last year in the playoffs and had a good game last week. Look for Ray Rice to have an impact.

(4) James Starks – RB – Green Bay

I could simply say see above because it’s an identical situation. We all know Rodgers and Ryan are going to get their’s. BUT earlier this year when these two squads met, who was the leading rusher for the Packers… Answer: Aaron Rodgers. The Packers need a run game. Their defense is cooking…. If Starks can stay on a roll, put Green Bay in the NFC Chip.

(3) Seattle’s Defensive Line

Points are going to be hard to come by for the offense, but the REASON the Seahawks went into Chicago this season and won was because they stopped the run and got to Cutler. They GOT TO CUTLER. Every team that has beaten Chicago has gotten to Cutler. If they can play big again, they have a chance of winning again.

(2) Mark Sanchez – QB – New York Jets

Peyton Manning is ALWAYS responsible when the Colts win. Mark Sanchez is ALWAYS responsible when the Jets lose. It always falls on his shoulders. I’m not defending him, but this is as obvious as Tom Brady. He plays well, controls turnovers they win (like he did earlier in the season against the Pats) He doesn’t… See box score of 45-3 game.

(1) Sal Alosi – New York Jets

Face it man, you need any help you can get against Touchdown Tommy and Bill Belichick.

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