Hilarious Collection of Athletes Pranking Athletes (Or Owners)

With all the nonsense that goes on in professional sports, occasionally there are some great lighthearted moments between fellow athletes. It’s always nice to see guys who have a good sense of humor and are caught up in their arrogance and other bullsh$t.

Here is a video collection of some great pranks between professional athletes……

Kyle Kendrick Pranked By Phillies

Just an amazing prank. Well organized, tons of cooperation. Charlie Manuel sold this so hard. Poor Kendrick look at his face

Cuban pulls Prank on April Fools.

The look on Dell Harris’ face is priceless.

Pete Carroll Plays Sick Joke on Team When at USC

Wow. You can see the air just get sucked out of the room here.

Old School Charles Barkley Japanese Interview Prank

Of course, Charles trying to sell his talents to Japan.

Shaq gets pranked by Louis Amundson

and the rebuttle

Nice prank by Amundson. Going after the big veteran. Horrible creativity by Shaq. Really funny to watch Amundson live his life in fear though.

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