5 Sports Americans Suck At

As a whole, the United States of America may be the leader when it comes to sports. However, in a moment of sheer greed there are a lot of sports that we, as a whole, are not so great at. Sure, we own the big sports for the most part, but there are other sports out there that play on a world stage, and on the stage we don’t do so well.

Here are 5 sports that Americans do not measure up with the rest of the world in…………

(5) Tennis

Before you start spazzing, you need to face facts. We are a what have you done for me lately culture. American tennis is not hot right now. We cling to the Williams sisters on the women’s side and Andy Roddick just isn’t cutting it. Look at the Australian open, all the Americans were out before you realized the Australian open was going on right now. We are not doing much damage in the Davis Cup either. The days of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi are long gone…..

(4) Soccer

I feel like I always am putting up disclaimers… Let me be clear, I think Tim Howard is terrific. Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, and a handful of other Americans are world class talents. So I guess you can say American doesn’t “suck” at soccer, but were not World Class. US is 18th in the world. Ok, this was a little harsh.

(3) Cricket

Not even a sniff in the top 20 of the World Rankings…. Then again, I guess you have to know the rules to be good at something…..

(2) Rugby

No wonder the rest of the world is starting to think the US is weak! We suck at Rugby. We’re behind Tonga, Somoa, and the likes of Fiji. Damn we’re weak sauce right now.

(1) Fencing

Only 1 guy in the top 30!!! That is just appalling! We need to step our game up in fencing. (Damn the US is good in a lot of obscure sports, too. It took me forever to find a 5th)

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One thought on “5 Sports Americans Suck At

  1. “Sure, we own the big sports for the most part..” Really?? What big sports are you referring to? Baseball, football? None of these are considered “big” sports to the rest of the world. Rugby, soccer, tennis those are actual sports. You can take basketball, I won’t deny that, but as far as “big sports” go, that’s the only one you’re successful at.
    You can’t really say you “dominate” something when you’re the only one playing.

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