Every Sport Has It’s Own Little Unique Fashion Statement

I know it seems odd that this isn’t the first time I’ve commented on the clothing side of professional sports. That’s not why I watch, I promise. This article was prompted after I watched a re-run of “24/7” the HBO documentary on the Penguins and Capitals. I noticed something weird, and irritating about hockey players that led me to think about sports in general.

Take a look at some interesting little sports fashion statements….

(5) Hockey

Hockey players always wear snow hats with their suits. If you saw “24/7” every single guy had on a snow hat with his suit when they were traveling. With hockey it’s more so just hats in general. How often do you see a hockey player not wearing a hat. I have no conclusions about this, but the snow hats with the suits is interesting to put it politely.

(4) Football

The football players, especially those with long hair, wear the skull caps underneath their helmets. This I get. This seems to be a smart move. They also wear those pads on forearms and elbows to prevent turf burn. The skull caps are prett common place only in football.

(3) Basketball

We got a 2-for-1 with Dwight Howard here and basketball. The arm sleeves? What the hell do they do? Do they make you a better basketball player? And, of course, the bracelets. If you are a good basketball player, you have to be rocking a bracelet on your wrist. Preferably white. Only in basketball.

(2) Baseball

Baseball players have been rockin’ these necklaces for a couple years now. Allegedly, the bracelets have titanium in them or some other metal that allows for muscle relaxation and extra blood flow. Who knows?

(1) Golf

Take your pick in this sport man. Plaid pants. Visors. It can get a lot worse, just ask John Daly. There is no other professional sport like it.

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