What The Hell Is Going On At Michigan State?

Michigan State has reached a very very low point. I won’t say all-time low, but it’s low. Even Tom Izzo is baffled by the season. Maybe he thinks it’s an all-time low….

“That was the worst performance of a team that I’ve coached since I’ve been at Michigan State,” said Spartan head coach Tom Izzo. “As you can imagine, we are reeling.”

Yesterday, the preseason #2, repeat #2,  lost to Iowa, a crappy Iowa team, by 20 points marking their 9th loss of the season. Things have not been going well in East Lansing, and that rebound that everyone is expecting doesn’t seem to be coming. At this point can they make the NCAA tournament? You’d think it Kalin Lucas, Draymond Green, Durrell Summers, and Delvon Roe this team could bang with anyone.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Michigan State is not a team to put a lot of faith in come tourney time, but the 15-9 Spartans CAN beat anyone. For some reason, they aren’t right now, and that reason is a mystery.

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