While The Country Gets Bombarded With Snow and Ice, We Can Enjoy Epic Ice Falls

Well, why the hell not right? It’s been nothing but frozen rain and snow in the Philly area the past couple of days so why not just go for it. There have been at least 2-3 occasions where I almost bit it majorly walking outside. How do you pull it off and come out of it looking cool? If you’re this guy and you lose your coffee and obviously someone is watching what do you do to come out of this a hero and not a zero.

Well, while you think of that. You can watch some epic ice falls. Enjoy Winter!!

(5) CNN Camerman eats it, Anchor saves the day

(4) One more EPIC news ice slip

(3) This Guy Had It Coming

(2) Dad sets up kids!!

(1) Not Gonna Lie, Pretty Funny Prank

BONUS!! Cow Slips On Ice Trying To Get It In!!

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