5 Legitimate Things To Do Now That Football Season is Over

First, what is this picture? Yeah bros, let’s watch football in our clubbing clothes, have perfectly designed sandwiches, and don’t forget the beer mugs! This really has you thinking football. Anyway, football season officially ended last night. If you are like most (including me) your favorite time a year is right around the fall when College football and the NFL starts, and baseball hits the final stretch. It’s all over now….

So what can we do with our weekends and time now. Here are some thoughts….

(5) Pick up aggressively with College Basketball, and prepare for March Madness

If you don’t know who this picture is of, you’re probably not going to win your NCAA Tournament office pool. Fact is, we’ve all been following college hoops to a certain degree even with football going on, but there’s no better time to crank it up for the home stretch here. There’s no reason to be too upset, conference tourney’s and March Madness is right around the corner.

(4) Baseball Prep/Spring Training

I do get excited for baseball to start. You can start your research for your fantasy baseball draft, and start to keep an eye on Spring Training. Here’s the thing; I know baseball is a long season, but do you want to have a shitty fantasy baseball team for 6 months?

(3) Time to hit the Gym a little extra

Well, now you have a lot more free time during your weekend… You also know that warm weather is right around the corner. You know what it is. Saturday and Sunday afternoon could use a little pickup bball or a workout. No excuses now.

(2) Spend a little extra time with the Mrs.

You’ve had weekends to yourself to watch the big game… Now it’s time to hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond with the Mrs. She’s been missing you….. see

(1) Do some……… work around the house.

Lastly, and least fun. You’ve been putting off the work around the house. Cleaning the garage. Doing some landscaping for the spring and summer. Painting the rooms. You know there’s something. Have at it!

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