Professional Sports Biggest Losers

Staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers for one more day, we here at Unathletic bring you the WORST SPORTS TEAMS of ALL-TIME. It’s not that we like to exploit misery, it’s important in our quest to understand sports, we understand the low points as well. Umm, anyway. The Cavs have lost 25 games in a row setting an NBA record, BUT I don’t think they’re going to be the worst NBA team of All-Time……

Take a look at some of the worst pro sports teams of all-time….

NHL – 1974-1975 Washington Capitals (9-67-5)

NBA – 1972-1973 Philadelphia 76ers (9-73)

MLB – 1899 Cleveland Spiders (20-134)

NFL – 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-14)

English Premier League – 2007/2008 Derby County (1-29-8)

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