Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Are Gonna Be Engaged Soon?!

I guess all is not bad in the world of Jay Cutler these days. Sure, he became the biggest puss in the NFL when he bounced out of the Bears vs. Packers playoff game with a “knee injury”. However, the Bears QB is set to make the sexy Kristin Cavallari his fiance shortly.

I do have to give these two a little credit as they’ve managed to stay out of the limelight successfully. Hell, I wasn’t even sure they were dating anymore. But they are, and they are shopping for rings. He can shop for rings, but can’t tough out a key playoff game?? Alright, I’m just playing, but he deserves it. Cutler has been a d-bag since the day he walked into the NFL, and now he’s being blessed with the good fortune to spend his life with this beautiful chick. He may be a rich NFL quarterback, and have a hot chick, but he’ll always be known as that puss from the playoffs. Umm that’s the best I can do… fuck.

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