Can’t Say That I Didn’t Call This One………

The Kings took down the Suns last night without their first round draft pick. He wasn’t sick, and he wasn’t injured. No no, not Demarcus Cousins. He was suspended for disciplinary reasons.

Long story short, Cousins was pissed Donta Greene didn’t look to him in the final play of a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night. He started barking in the locker room and things escalated. Basically, nothing that should come as a surprise to anyone with this guy. Oh, and this wasn’t the first incident Cousins has had this season.

Listen, I’ve been overly aggressive shitting on Demarcus Cousins. Like here…. and here. I can’t help it. The guy has done an amazing job at not only proving he’s a basketball talent, but also he’s a huge asshole. I flat out don’t like the guy. I think he’s going to be a problem for his entire career, and I, for one, don’t feel like hearing about it. The guy is a tremendous talent with a world of up side, he’ll just never reach his potential because of his attitude.

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