Eight Funny Videos of When Pro Athletes Dance

When we go to see our favorite athletes do their thing we go there with the intention of seeing these guys play a sport at a level we most certainly will never achieve. To watch another human being perform at these high levels is what sports and competition are all about. It’s why we love sport and why we love to be entertained.

However, rarely do we see the “human” side of these guys (or girls). It’s not often that we see them in situations outside of their sport performing acts at a level that we actually can achieve.

But when we do see these things? It can be quite hilarious. Take dancing for example. Here are 8 funny videos of pro athletes dancing….

Dustin Pedroia Takes It Off

I may be a Yankees fan but I’ll take the Red Sox in a dance off any day of the week.

Peyton Does the Tango

Peyton has definitely got some moves.

The Youk and Papelbon Dance Off

Any video of Papelbon is somewhat comical but when you throw in Youk, it’s classic.

Shaq and Lebron Dance Off

I’ve seen this 100 times and I never get tired of it.

The Ickey Shuffle

The legend still has the moves.

The Excessive Ping Pong Dance


Andy Roddick Does Serena

This is all he’s good for now since he’ll never be an elite player. Oh well.

The Best Lebron James Dance Ever

Now that’s pretty ridiculous.

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