5 Big Spring Training Stories to Watch

FINALLY!! Spring training has started! It probably means more to some than others, but hell I’m happy! It was a very busy offseason in baseball with a lot of news faces in new places. Unathletic will track the news as it develops, but well kick it off with the biggest stories headed into this year’s baseball season.

Take a look at he 5 Biggest Spring Training Stories to monitor…..

(5) The Pujols Contract

Lets get the obvious one out of the way. Hopefully, this should be resolved by tomorrow, but if it is not it could be epic. Pujols has already rejected an offer, and Tony LaRussa described the situation if Pujols doesn’t sign as a “spectacular distraction”.

(4) Justin Morneau’s Head

Morneau missed all of the second half of the season last year with a concussion. He’s had a tough time recovering from the injury and although the Twins believe he will be ready by Opening Day, nothing is for sure. He is working out and making progress though..

(3) The Bryce Harper Watch

The Nationals say it’ll be a couple years before Harper hits the bigs full-time. I’d be willing to bet you it’s sooner than that. He’ll start the year in Single A ball, but do not be surprised if he moves through the system quickly and ends up with the Nats before September. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how he does in Spring Training.

(2) The Yankees Rotation Issues

Alright let me give you the Yankees rotation… CC Sabathia… umm, ehhh, eeek, did I say CC Sabathia? Right now the Yanks are going with CC, AJ Burnett, Phil Hughes for sure. The rest is a mystery. A lot will be settled in the Spring Training. Will they make a deal for Joba? Either way they’re going to have to rely on offense and a strong bullpen.

(1) The Circus that is the Tampa Bay Rays

I’ll tell you what man. No camp intrigues me more than the Rays. They lost a ton this offseason and picked up old heads Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez. i don’t think anyone is giving them a shot, but do you think they’ll be effective? Longoria says Manny looked good in workouts.

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