What Does Lance Armstrong Have In Common With Brett Favre?

Lance Armstrong doesn’t run around like a moron after he wins a race. Lance Armstrong doesn’t wear Wrangler Jeans. Lance Armstrong doesn’t send pictures of his weiner to young women.

Once of the greatest cyclists of all-time announced his official retirement yesterday, AGAIN. This marks retirement number two for Lance. He’s getting pretty close to Brett Favreland. Actually, I think Brett only officially retired twice, wait, well who can keep track? Of course, Lance had to throw in….

“Never say never,” Armstrong laughed at the start of an exclusive interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, then quickly added, “Just kidding.”

You know what that means. I’d be willing to bet some money that we haven’t seen the end of Lance on a bicycle. However, I do think we’ve seen the end of Favre. One has a sex scandal, the other has a doping issue. Were these two separated at birth???

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